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2009 La Liga Season Review: Numancia

Team Overview: Numancia, founded in 1945, is considered fairly new to La Liga’s First Division competition.  The club has only played in the top tier four times in their brief history.  The club was Segunda Division Champions last season and they will look to capture their second Segunda Division title next season as the face relegation from La Liga this year. 


Best Performers:

M  Jose Barkero     12 Goals, 6 Assists
F  Carlos Aranda    6 Goals
G  Juan Pablo Colinas   1.73 Goals/Game 

Highest High: Numancia was able to win a pretty impressive nine matches at home this year.  The club only lost seven in front of the home crowd as well.  Their result was the eleventh best in the league overall.  The Rojillos were not too bad at the end of the year either.  The club won four matches, tied three, and dropped seven in the last three months of the season.  The effort would not be enough though. 

Lowest Low: Numancia was beyond terrible away from home this year.  The club only won a single match and achieved two draws on the road all year.  The Rojillos lost sixteen away matches over the course of the season.  Their most embarrassing road loss was a 5-0 thrashing from a decent Racing Santander club.  Numancia also conceded the second most goals this year with sixty-nine (Forty-seven of which came in road matches).

Future: Numancia was among the league worst in defense and offense.  The club needs to get much stronger on both sides of the pitch if they want to compete in La Liga again in the near future.  The defense was simply not ready to stop top-tier talent this season, but look for the former Segunda champs to make a strong run next year and possible win back their title.