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Lloris Transfer Rumors Rile Up Lyon

Lyon’s coach, Claude Puel, isn’t too happy about new reports concerning his goalkeeper.  It seems that Hugo Lloris has been linked to Bayern Munich just before the second leg of their Champion’s League Semi-Final.  This further continues my theory that European guys with “machismo” need some drama.

Just for one second, let’s think about where this report came from.  Anybody?  Anyone?  Anymore?  Sold!

Louis Van Gaal.  I’ll bet you anything he leaked this to the press just to mess with Puel and see what kind of a reaction he could get.  The reaction from Puel is pretty sweet:

“First of all I’m very happy to have good players who are in demand outside the transfer window.  It’s amusing to talk about players before a Champions League match. Luckily, Hugo has enough maturity to deal with all this.”

“It’s really a pity to hear these type of things from players who spent time at Bayern and who know the importance of focus for this type of match. But oh well. There’s no real problem.”

“I’m sure the Bayern goalkeeper will appreciate it!”

Given the end of his comeback you might be tempted to think that it was Puel’s idea to leak this story to mess with Bayern’s keeper, but then you would be assuming that he wanted to put ideas in the head of his own player.  So, since he wouldn’t want to do that you can imagine that Van Gaal would be a prime suspect.

He probably went to his keeper and told him what he was going to do–the guys got a charge out of it–and now it’s in the press.  I bet the Munich players were rolling on the floor at the idea of messing with Lyon.  They already overcame the French FA’s schedule change for Lyon–and now they’re in Lyon’s head.