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Liverpool Fall To Relegation Zone

Liverpool’s home loss against Blackpool has left many of its fans wondering whether Coach Roy Hodgson is the right man for the job. After Sunday’s home defeat, the Reds find themselves in the relegation zone with 6 points from 7 matches.

Following their latest setback coach Roy Hodgson refused to accept that Liverpool are in a battle to stay in the Premiership. England’s most successful football club is now just a pale shadow of the side that dominated European and league football  in the 70s and 80s.

“I’d rather not think about it,” That was the response from Hodgson immediately after their 2-1 home defeat. A visibly shocked Hodgson at times lacked the right words to explain Liverpool’s Defeat.

“In the first half we were correctly punished for a lacklustre display. We had the ball as much as them but did not do anything with it anywhere near enough to satisfy my, the club’s or the players.

“We conceded two goals on counter-attacks but in the second half we came out and tried to turn matters around but could only get one goal. Their great result is our nightmare result. It is a very bad day and there is nothing I can say.

“At the moment things look bleak and really bad and it is difficult for me to put a bright face upon it. There are 31 games left but when you are in the relegation zone you are in a relegation battle.”

Well, its safe to say that things are not working right f, however, with only 7 matches played, the Reds still have plenty of time to reverse the tables. I wish i could say the same for Hodgson’s career. To be fair, as muxh as Hodgson is to blame for the teams current predicament, some players also have to take responibility.

Both Dirk Kuyt and Fernando Torres have never really made any meaningful impact on the squad this season. This coupled with the loss of Rafael Benitez has seen Liverpool give up its top four spot to Manchester City.

With League action set to to take a break this weekend, Hodgson can use the time to meditate and work out new plays for their up coming fixtures against Everton and Blackburn. No team can be underestimated especially after their embarrassing loss to Blackpool.

Photo credit: from thekidtorres