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Lionel Messi scores both goals in Barcelona's 2-0 win over Zaragoza

Lionel Messi was able to keep Barcelona’s unbeaten road streak going as he scored both goals in the Catalans club 2-0 win over Zaragoza.

Messi opened the scoring in the 42nd minute as he went on to easily finish after a great pass from David Villa. Although they would go into the locker rooms up only one goal, I’m sure Zaragoza were happy to hold them off to just one goal after a number of opportunities for Barca.

 The 2nd half would only start off as a nightmare for the home team as Zaragoza defender, Leo Ponzio, would receive an instant red-card for striking Dani Alves in the face. An obvious red-card, Ponzio would only end up hurting his team as they had to finish the game down one man.

Messi would penalize the home-team as he was able to score again in the 66th minute. Keita’s shot was saved by Zaragosa keeper, Doblas, in which the ball landed to the feet of Iniesta. After the Spanish midfielder tries his luck, his shot ends up being cleared to Messi who easily finished off the play.

Despite a number of missed opportunities for David Villa, he ended up coming scoreless again. However, head-coach Pep Guardiola refuses to dwell into this fact as he went on to say the following – “We came here to win a game and not for Villa to score goals.”

It was an important win for the Spanish champions as they look take back the number 1 spot in the standings.

Think Barcelona will be able to top Real Madrid? Feel free to share your thoughts of today’s game in the comments section below.

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