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Let’s Preview The Final Weekend of the MLS Season

Toronto @ NY, DC @ Kansas City, Colorado @ Salt Lake, Dallas @ Seattle, San Jose @ LA, Houston @ Chivas, and New England @ Columbus.  This, my friends, is your final weekend of the 2009 MLS Regular Season.

Chicago already locked up a spot with a win at Chivas and Seattle jumped into the playoffs as well.  So, now we only have 2 spots left in the playoffs and 6 teams in contention.  Colorado with 40 points, Toronto, NE, DC and Dallas with 39 and Salt Lake with 37.

Toronto has a must-win at NY.  DC has a must-win at Kansas City.  Colorado or Salt Lake will ruin the other’s season.  Dallas HAS to beat Seattle and New England HAS to beat Columbus.

I could sit here and pretend to preview every single match, but let’s not try to get too fancy.  Let’s just keep it real…

If Toronto has any “hutzpah” then they will beat a pretty wretched New York team.  Period.  There’s not discussion there.

If D.C. has any said “hutzpah” then they will beat an equally wretched Kansas City team.  Period.

Either Colorado or Salt Lake is going to show us who has the bigger heart.  This is one of those cliche’ moments where I say “The team that wants it more will win.”  I know, it’s hokey, but it’s true.  The team that wants it more will scrape and claw their way to a victory.

Seattle is in the playoffs and this is a chance for Dallas to catch a break since they’ve got a team that probably shut it down after they got into the playoffs.  If Dallas has any brains at all they’ll attack the “unusual” starters for Seattle and score 5000 goals…IF they’re smart.

New England has the most unenviable task of anybody.  They have to play the best team in the league.  Now, Columbus might have shut it down too since they’re in and they need to rest some people.  Even so, Columbus has pride on their side.  If you’re the best team in the league you don’t want to back into the playoffs.  I think if New England really wants this game they’ll come out and attack and not stop.  The moment they start trying to be cute…it’s over for them.