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Leonardo’s Red and Black Heart Rejects Roma’s Coaching Role

AC Milan v Los Angeles GalaxyDespite not getting a decent time as a coach for Ac Milan last season, Leonardo stated that he still have the utmost respect and heart for the Red and Black squad which has been one of the clubs, Leo spent most of his playing years on.

The prove of the former Milan’s director loyalty to his former club can be witnessed by his words when answering to questions whether he would be coaching As Roma to replace Claudio Ranieri.

Speaking to Sky Italia, Leonardo stated that at the moment he still has no intention to coach in Italy as the attachment between him and Milan is still very very strong indeed. Despite rejecting the chance to coach an Italian club this year, the former Brazilian international still opens the door for a return in the future without stating which clubs that he would prefer taking.

“Right now it would betray my history, my past in red and black. Little time has past. I am still too tied to Milan,” Leonardo said. “Now I would find it too much effort to work in Italy. Maybe in the future, but now, no.”

This statement from Leonardo might ease up the tension between Ranieri and Roma’s management that reportedly rises earlier on due to the capital club’s refusal to deny the press’ speculation about the possibility of Leo coaching the Giallorossi. Surely now the press will be looking for other names to connect as the potential replacement for the former Juventus and Chelsea manager who is currently facing a sack after the poor results his current club is having.

Leonardo’s short spell with Milan last season was considered a success considering the fact that the Brazilian is still a very person at the job not to mention host of injuries that his team kept having last season. Unfortunately, the bad relationship Leo had with the Rossoneri’s owner, Silvio Berlusconi, forced him to finally leave the club for good as his position this year is being replaced by Massimiliano Allegri.

photo credit: Dima E