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Leonardo And Lippi Linked To Replace Ranieri

This was definitely not the picture Ranieri had envisioned when the season got underway a little over a month ago. With 4 games played Ranieri had hoped that his side would continue with their impressive run that saw them miss out on last season’s scudetto by only 2 points.

The Giallorosso are now in 17th place with 2 points from 4 games and Ranieri’s future hangs in the balance. Foermer Milan coach and player Leonardo has been linked as one of the potential replacements for Ranieri. The other is Former Italy coach Marcelo Lippi.

Speaking to Gazetto Dello Sport, Lippi clearly stated that he was ready for any coaching role.

“I was just taking a break after the World Cup,” he told Gazzetta dello Sport. “If I were to receive a proposal I like, I would be ready.”

Leonardo on the other hand has not expressed any desire to coach Roma however, the media have continually linked him with Ranieri’s job. According to them Leonardo’s appeal and intelligence could attract investrs and sponsorship to the club-something Ranieri has failed to do.

Of course controversy still surrounds the referee’s decision to award Brescia the penalty with many claiming that it was the wrong move. Not wanting to be left behind, Lippi gave his own 2 cents worth on the referee’s call.

“We all saw the handling offense from the touchline and the officials didn’t? It is clear, so visible.

“I am curious to know if the linesman gave the penalty. The referee was blocked off from seeing it clearly, but if the linesman gave it then he ought to be hospitalised for tests on his eyesight. He can’t see anything!”

Photo credit: from Calcio Better