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Leonardo Admitting Inter’s Tiredness

Inter Milan successfully keeping their pace in the Scudetto race after collecting two victories prior to their defeat against Juventus last weekend, slender wins against Fiorentina and Cagliari were more than enough to keep their title shot in place.

However, the performances in their last two matches could pretty much worried the Nerazzurri fans as Leonardo’s boys are far from performing well which reportedly happened because the players were tired with the tight schedule.

Having been defeated by Juventus last week, Inter already geared themselves for two league matches agaist Fiorentina in midweek and Cagliari last Saturday, not only that this midweek another important match in the Champions League is already on the table. This kind of schedule has really tired the players as it was admitted by Leonardo himself after their last league game, saying that his team are fatigued but they will have to keep marching and play the upcoming games.

“We are tired, but I don’t want that to be an alibi. We’ve got to wipe the idea of fatigue out of our minds, as there’s still a marathon ahead of us,” Leonardo said.

Surely managing to keep winning despite not playing well can be a positive sign but the worrying factor is after the defense issues becomes the main problem under Leo’s reign, in the last three matches Inter’s attacking performance haven’t been brilliant as well. Stepping aside the fatigue that the players are having, this condition might not be a good sign should the Nerazzurri met a good and organized team in the upcoming matches because the weaknesses might cost them dearly against those kind of teams.

After the defeat against Udinese and Juventus, another interesting team that Inter must face in the coming days is German side, Bayern Muenchen, in the Champions League fixture. This would be another good chance to see can their attacking high line defense fair against a very good team that have dangerous players up front, a win might boost their spirit in the league but another defeat could give more questions about Leonardo’s offensive tactics.