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Lecce’s Chevanton Suspended 5 Matches

What’s going on with Serie A players in the last week? Seems like a lot of tempers have been flaring…

Yesterday I reported that Inter striker Samuel Eto’o received a three match ban for his role in a head butting incident last weekend against Chievo Verona. Today the big story is focused on Lecce striker Ernesto Chevanton, who was suspended for 5 matches due to abusing an official during his side’s 3-2 loss to Sampdoria.

In a classic tirade, Chevanton was red carded for a hard tackle on an opposing player. Then the Uruguayan forward removed his jersey while arguing with the referee and launched it into his face. Chevanton then proceeded to continue arguing with other nearby officials before exiting the game. It was one of the strangest exchanges any major league has seen this season and because of his unruly behavior Chevanton has been suspended from the team until January.

Lecce could use any forwards they can get their hands on at the moment. Not only is the club one of the most inefficient offenses in the league this season, but their current record means they are one loss away from the relegation zone and currently lead the relegation zone sides by one single point with 17th place results so far this season and the unwise actions of one of their starting strikers means they will have to go forward over the next month and a half without Chevanton.

Chevanton’s decision to launch his jersey at a ref could prove to be a costly one for the struggling side this season. He will at least have a lot of time to think about the incident until he is active in January.