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Lazio Planning to Bring Nesta Back Home

Walk This WayAn interesting rumors are currently spreading in the Italian media regarding the future of Ac Milan’s talismanic defender, Alessandro Nesta, as the defender reportedly is being approached by his old club, Lazio.

The press suggested that the current Serie A leader’s management are seriously considering to take their former youth product from Milan as Nesta’s current contract with the Rossoneri reportedly is expiring soon.

The wages problem might be the biggest issue for the capital club on their attempt to take their former captain back home as the former Italian international paycheck in Milan would be something that Lazio can match. However, the close relationship between, Nesta who is a childhood Laziale and has played with the Biancoleste since youth might be the bargain that the 34-years-old might also considered as he could be interested in ending his career with Claudio Lotito’s team.

Another interesting factor that Lazio should also considered is their fans reaction should the club does manage to get Nesta back as since moving to Milan, Laziale have been constantly jeering the legendary defender when he is playing in Rome. Although the 34-years-old was actually forced to be sold by the club few years back, major part of the tifosi seems to think that the veteran center back is a traitor because making the move to the Rossoneri.

Not only that, there’s always a chance that Milan won’t allow Nesta to move from the club as he has also been considered as legend by the club and also loved dearly by their die hard fans. Although the Rossoneri usually allows their star player to move on his own will, but should the management manage to persuade the center back in finishing his career at San Siro than the player might choose that option instead.

It would be interesting to see whether the rumors would be true or it’s just a reaction after the recent news claiming that the Rossoneri are looking to make a serious offer for Benfica’s David Luiz. The Brazilian international who can play in Nesta’s role, is reportedly the player that is being prepared as the 34-years-old future replacement in Milan’s back line.

The latest report also stated that Lazio’s president Lotito has also denied the rumors stating that it’s only the media’s invention adding that his team have no defensive issues at the moment. So it seems that we will need to see the seriousness of the rumors in future especially when Nesta’s current contract with Milan is officially expired, until now it can only be considered as media inventions.

Creative Commons License photo credit: goatling