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La Liga Predictions: 16-13

#16: Osasuna

Osasuna is the worst remaining La Liga club when it comes to goals scored last season.  In fact since 2005 the club has never scored more then 51 goals in a top tier season.  But to the club’s credit they do play excellent defense and that alone should help the club fight off relegation.  But Osasuna has been in the relegation zone for the last three years, so you never know.

#15: Almeria

Almeria has a mediocre offense at best.  Last year the club in their second straight top level season edged out close wins and finished eleventh in the table which was three spots worse then their debut year.  Now the club has lost Alvaro Negredo.  Negredo was the club’s offense and scored 19 of the 45 goals last season.  Without one other player in double digits last season, Almeria will need goals from a surprise player this season.

#14: Valladolid

Valladolid has been another example of a middle-of-the-road club just scraping by the relegation spots the last few years.  Valladolid is now in their third straight season in La Liga and the club has been consistent in their first two years finishing in 16th place and 15th place respectively.  Why not 14th place this season to continue the tortoise pace?  Who knows in thirteen years we may be toasting Valladolid champs of La Liga, but not likely.

#13: Real Zaragoza 

Wasting no time on the second level Real Zaragoza is back and this time the club plans on staying on the top tier.  You may think this is too generous a ranking for some new boys, but do not forget that in 2006/2007 Zaragoza was a top six finisher.  The club has only played two seasons in the Segunda Division since the 1990’s and both times the club immediately was granted promotion.  Zaragoza will be around the top tier for many more years to come.