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La Liga Mourns the Death of Former Player, Robert Enke

It has been a year filled with unfortunate events so far this football season and I am sad to report that La Liga has lost another former player.  Robert Enke who was currently with German squad Hannover 96 has died from an apparent suicide.  Enke, well known for his role as Germany’s starting keeper as of January 2009, played for two different La Liga squads over the course of his career and was considered by many football critics one of the most dependable keepers not only in Germany, but in the entire world.

Enke died on November 10th at a railway crossing near his home.  Police at the scene of the tragedy confirmed that the German star had intenionally entered the area with the intention of taking his own life and was hit by a train.  Enke leaves behind a wife and recently adopted baby daughter.  Enke also had a two year old daughter previous to the adoption, but she died in September 2006 from a heart birth defect.

Enke may not have made as big an impact on La Liga as he would have liked (only two seasons in the league), but he will always be remembered as an elite goalie despite his lack of great success in Spain.  Enke made his La Liga debut following the 2002 season in Portugal with powerhouse Benfica and the German signed with Barcelona, but never was given a fair chance at starting for the squad.  The second year on Barca he transferred over to Tenerife where he played under the Segunda Division squad for half of a season.  Following that brief spell Enke returned home to Germany and signed with Hannover 96.

Robert Enke will be missed by not only La Liga fans, but football fans everywhere.