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La Liga got turned upside down this weekend

This weekend geared up the Spanish Premier League again and it showed me how volatile the league is (and how pathetic some of my predictions have been.) I thought the league would turn out to be a little more “cut and dry” this season than most sports leagues…boy was I wrong!

Real Madrid won again (big surprise!) but they had a shootout (4-2) with a team that isn’t all that hot (Valladolid.) I could say this marks the beginning of the end, but it doesn’t. Cristiano is out and they still won. I’m not going back on my “meltdown” prediction for Real Madrid, but they certainly are postponing the meltdown for a while.

Valencia drew Barca in what most people would call a “moral victory” for Valencia, but I say it’s just a draw. I think this team believes they can sit in Barca’s place and in order for them to do that they have to BEAT Barca, not just draw them. I’m throwing out the “moral victory” argument and saying “These guys are honked off that they couldn’t beat Barca and next time they won’t be so nice.” That next time isn’t until Sunday March 14th, 2010, but I say Valencia won’t forget this…they just won’t:

Then Coruna comes out of nowhere, beats Sevilla (my boys) and shoots up to a tie for 3rd on the Premier Division table. Coruna just added a new dog to the fight and now we have to see who will buckle under the pressure of Coruna “barking” for the spotlight. There’s no way in the world that everyone is going to hold up. If my original predictions are true (and Coruna can keep it up) they’ll get their space from Real Madrid who will fold under the pressure…but if Real Madrid holds fast then either Valencia or Sevilla will have to surrender to an oncoming Coruna…I guess we’ll see, but today a new flag is waving in the Premier Division.