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Kompany happy that Barcelona sold Yaya to Manchester City

I’m not sure how many Barcelona fans have witnessed Yaya Toure with his new club Manchester City, but he seems to be doing great with the club. Being used more as a central midfielder that attacks more (rather then the defensive midfield position that he played at Barcelona) Yaya has been very effective for the  Billionaire club and Kompany is confused as to why Barca would let him go.

“I cannot understand why Barcelona let him leave.”

Said Manchester City defender Cinvent Kompany to the Daily Star.

After the arrival of Segio Busquets, Yaya seen just limited minutes in last year’s season at Barcelona and after helping the Catalan club with the treble season in 2009, it was very confusing as to why Barcelona wouldn’t continue to play the player who made a difference.

But if Barcelona couldn’t see how effective Yaya was for the club then‘what is Barca’s loss is City’s gain’.

Enjoying a active role with the Premier League club, Yaya will definitely help Manchester City become a more threatening club this season as they look to secure a top-4 finish. It seems that Yaya has learned a lot at Barcelona as he is able to control the pace of the game and just play solid in the midfield, it was really just extraordinary to see better Yaya is now at Manchester City.

Not understanding as to why Barcelona would decided to sell Yaya, Kompany went on to say the following :

“Toure is a natural-born winner and he will add so much to our team. I cannot understand why Barcelona let him leave. He has a big challenge to help us become one of the best teams in the Premier League and Europe. He is so important because of the great experience that he has and gives us something which we have lacked in the team.”

I definitely think that Barcelona made another bad decision letting Yaya Toure go. Although they are still strong without his services, Yaya could have definitely been used more and watching him leave Camp Nou could not have been easy for some of the Barca fans.

Think Barcelona should have kept the Ivory Coast midfielder ? Surprised with some Barca’s decision ? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.