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Know Your WCQ Opponent: Bosnia-Herzegovina

The name Bosnia and Herzegovina may not have an extremely familiar ring to it, but perhaps you know the squad by their previous title, Yugoslavia.  In 1993 following the split of socialist Yugoslavia, a new team was born.  Unfortunately, Bosnia and Herzegovina has yet to make a name for themselves on the biggest and brightest stage (the World Cup), but the squad has proven to be a contender for the tournament several times throughout their brief history.  This time around the squad is right in the thick of things and will have the chance to play for a first ever World Cup birth if they can win their playoff knockout match coming up soon.

Bosnia-Herzegovina VS Spain promises to be a good match for a variety of reasons.  First off, the two squads playing are the two best in the group bracket and both squads have safely secured the number one and two spots.  This could mean that due to their unmovable positions both squads sit a few injured stars, but I think Bosnia and Herzegovina will go all out in this one simply to prove their worth to the rest of the world. 

Another reason this should be a great match is because the first time these teams faced-off, Spain narrowly won their home match by a lone goal.  This time around B & H has something to prove at home.  With six wins, one draw, and two losses Bosnia and Herzegovina have been one of the surprises of this World Cup Qualifier.  But can they make the run really count?

We will have to wait and see….