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Know Your WCQ Opponent: Armenia

In the world of football Armenia is not exactly considered an awesome team with an unbelievable history.  In fact you could compare them to the MLB’s Kansas City Royals for you Yanks out there.  Armenia’s biggest career matches have been in World Cup qualifiers if you get my drift.  In other words Armenia has never been good enough to make the Cup in the first place, so their World Cup history is as limited as it can get.

It also doesn’t help matters (not that it matters much) that Armenia is pitted against Spain for this upcoming match.  Usually when you are the last team in a decent division (Turkey, Belgium, Estonia, Bosnia, and Spain of course) and you are already the worst team; playing the best team doesn’t usually work in your favor.

Armenia has only won a single match out of the eight qualifiers this time around and the club is facing a squad that is a perfect 8-0-0.  So unless Armenia is allowed to play for lets say 20 points then this game is likely not going to matter too much to fans of Spain.  Spain has already sealed first place with an eight point lead over Bosnia, so Armenia’s only hope is that the squad takes it easy on them out of pity. 

But then again Spain’s backup players would be the greatest players in Armenian football history.  With only one player on the roster that plays in what is considered a strong league, Hirac Yagan is a twenty year old prospect for Standard Liege.  Not one single player on the squad plays in La Liga, the Premier League, or Serie A football.     

This one might get ugly.