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Know Your US MNT Opponent: T&T

There have been many great duos throughout history. Antony & Cleopatra. Lewis & Martin. Bonnie & Clyde. Tango & Cash. And, finally, we can add Trinidad & Tobago. Like the other great duos, T&T (for those of you who are into that whole brevity thing) wasn’t always a tandem. No, they were actually hornery (note the spelling) neighbors for a little while. But, in 1962, the nation was created when the UK decided their colonial rule had lasted long enough.   

T&T’s soccer team is known as the Soca Warriors, and they are a talented bunch for such a small country. They made it to their first World Cup in 2006, and they are looking to return in 2010. It looks like it will be a tough climb though. The US should beat them. Easily. But, this is sports, so you never know. Some T&T players also play in MLS, like Cornell Glen (SJE), Avery John (DCU), and Chris Birchall (LAG). As for the upcoming US MNT game vs. T&T…

I really hope they don’t beat us. That would be torture. And, as some of you may have heard, T&T likes to torture. In fact, T&T’s government used the “cat o’ nine tails” on a prisoner as recently as 2005. Of course, the US has been doing some prolific torturing of our own lately, so we are not one to really talk. Plus, we don’t beat criminals anymore, we just execute them. OK, I’m going to get off my soapbox. Political talk is always incendiary. Like T&T: it’s dynamite.