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Know Your US MNT Opponent: El Salvador

El Salvador literally translates to “Land of the Savior”. So, I guess who owns El Salvador is dependant on who your personal savior is. Mine is Jeffrey Lebowski, so I like to think of El Salvador as the “Land of the Dude”. It’s a fitting title too. It’s a laid back country, definitely not reactionary. It enjoys the simple things in life, like bowling. It may not be the most impressive country in the world, but it is content. It abides by its own laws, and it’s done so since the 1800s.

Unlike the Dude, El Salvador is productive. It has the third largest GDP in the region (which is albeit a small one), and it is a large exporter of coffee and indigo (but not the Indigo Girls). Plus, El Salvador is bilingual (Spanish and English), unlike the Dude, who doesn’t speak any language, especially not the chinamen’s (Asian-American, please). El Salvador is also super religious (Catholic), which differs from the Dude’s blend of Buddhism, Nihilism, and Rastafarianism.

But this post is about knowing El Salvador’s soccer team, and not the nation’s similarities to the Dude. El Salvador may not be urban achievers yet, but their team is decent. In the early 1990s, they rose as high as #50 in the FIFA rankings, but lately their side has been mired in some poor play. They have only made it two World Cups, and the last time they got an invite was 1982. Since their record is 1-2-3 so far in the hexagonal round in 2010, it may be awhile longer too.

Hopefully, the US team will best El Salvador tomorrow. If they display the physical attributes of the Dude, El Salvador will be in trouble. Sure, he bowls, he drives around, and he was in good shape back when he was a roadie with Metallica, but now he’s not exactly an Adonis. Neither is El Salvador’s squad. If the US can’t get three points at home against them, we will be in deep trouble. So, tune in to the game and support your national team. Will the US win?

As the Dude said: “Does the pope shit in the woods?”