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Know Your Opponent: Netherlands Edition

Today, the United States will take on the Netherlands’ National Team in Amsterdam. That’s right, our droogs will be taking on Clockwork Orange in the land of legal drugs. Now, I have been fortunate to travel to many brilliantly beautiful cities all over the world. In the States, I have traveled from LA to NY and everywhere in between. In Europe, I have seen all the capitals and great sights, including London, France, and even some girl in Munich’s underpants.

But, I have never – ever – seen anything more beautiful than Holland. It truly is the prettiest place in the world. The architecture is flawless. The art is top notch. The women are wonderful. The weed is even better. Yes, the Netherlands is one of my favorite places in the world, and Amsterdam is the most scintillating city I have ever visited. If you like museums, it has the most enthralling. If you like restaurants, it has food that will make you ravenous.

If you like smoking, you can get right to toking, but ganja is way down on the list of reasons I love Amsterdam. There’s the tulips that make one swoon. There’s the waterways that rival Venice. Most of all though, there are the people. They are polite. They are generous. And they aren’t strict (especially in the Red Light District). I love Amsterdam and I love the Netherlands. But, I do hope we best them today. It is Bob Bradley’s birthday, and a win would be grand.

I wonder if Bob would smoke a celebratory spliff?

I don’t have time to provide you guys with my typical Know Your Opponent breakdown of the Netherlands’ National Team’s history and their current roster. Nope, I spent too much time enjoying many of the things that make Amsterdam famous, I got distracted, and now I must bid you good day. In all honesty though, I really do love the people of Holland and think they have figured out this whole society thing better than we have here in the US.

Sure, that won’t make me real popular here in the American southeast, but it’s a fact. The Dutch know a thing or two about respect and responsibility, and I think we could learn a ton from them. We could also learn a lot from them on the pitch. But, hopefully we will be the one giving the lesson today. Good luck to the Yanks, and God bless the Dutch. I love the United States with all my heart, but when it comes to the Netherlands, even I am green with envy.