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Know Your Champions League Opponent: Arsenal

Arsenal Bedroom
Creative Commons License photo credit: wonker

Starting this Wednesday March 31st, Barcelona will begin their quarterfinals two match aggregate battle with the Gunners.  The first leg is due to be played in England with the second leg being held at Camp Nou.  Lets take a brief look at Arsenal’s squad.


When it comes to the Gunners past there is one figure of recent memory that deserves more credit then any other.  Frenchman and current Barca star Thierry Henry played for the Gunners for 8 fabulous years and over the span the club had some of their most successful seasons winning Premiership titles and becoming a dynasty at the turn of the millenium.  But since Henry’s departure the top four club went through a minor rebuilding period and is just resurfacing on the elite level they currently reside on. 


The Gunners are the dark horse to winning the EPL this season and the title lead is within their grasp right now.  The club has one of the best young players in the game in Cesc Fabregas and the midfielder and captain of the the Gunners is enjoying a breakout year with the squad and the youngster will also be featured this summer for Spain in the World Cup.  Nicolas Bendtner has recently showed significant improvement and is considered a solid forward up front along with Russian import Arshavin out on the wing.  The club’s defense is their Achilles heel and their keeper situation is below average for this elite stage.


I think Arsenal can score with the best of them and they do have a young team full of massive potential, but Barca is the best team in the world and I can’t not pick them.  The defensive woes that Arsenal has shown at times is what seals it for me.  With all of those talented star players firing lasers in the box some of these scores might get a bit silly.  And Arsenal also will have the tough situation of Fabregas potentially playing even though he will not be 100% healthy.  This gives Barca a huge advantage considering Van Persie is out as well for the Gunners.

Final Two Match Prediction: 5-3 Barcelona