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Klose Reveals Secrets of Good Form at Lazio

Lazio vs AS RomaReceiving several doubts in his first arrival in Serie A, Miroslav Klose, so far managed to show his quality as the Germany international bagged nine goals in the league and become one of the top goal scorers.

Speaking to the press, Klose reveals that hard word and good relationship is what helped him flourished at Biancocelesti adding that playing with the Rome based outfit was the best decision that he made last summer.

“I am truly happy in Rome, as Lazio were what I had been looking for. In this period I trained really hard and this is why I scored so many goals. I feel good psychologically and physically, while I get on perfectly with Coach Edy Reja,” Klose revealed.

Despite being released on a free transfer by Bayern Munich in the summer, Klose proved that he still has the quality to compete in the highest level with Lazio, which pretty much preserved his spot in the German national team until Euro 2012. The 33-years-old added that the support from Biancocelesti fans gave him lots of joy at the moment but he promises to keep improving his performance and gives the best for his new club.

I don’t want to give myself compliments, though, because I still really want to improve. If the fans have nicknamed me Kaiser than I’m happy, as such an important name means I’m doing well. Euro 2012 is the big objective I have in mind for next year, but it’s not the only one.”

Arriving as an unwanted player from Bayern early in the season, there were many minor voices regarding Klose’s current ability as people believes that the striker is already too old to compete in top level league competition. However, still being a first choice in the national team gave Lazio the courage to take the 33-years-old striker and at the moment they are getting the reward for that bold decision in the start of season.


photo credit: Catatan Bola Photo Gallery