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Kaka Takes On AC Milan

Well this is the year of new rivalries in LA Liga.  And that is simply because of all the talent that has just entered Spain’s top tier of football.  We already got to see Ibrahimovic battle against Barcelona and next up is Kaka verses his old squad, AC Milan

Both sides of the battle are in interesting positions at the moment.  AC Milan has shown early on in their 2009 campaign that missing a versatile player with Kaka’s skills is seriously going to hurt your results.  AC Milan has been anything but spectacular so far this season with middle-of-the-table results so far and a hole to climb out of in the Champions League group.  But the club did prove last week to still be among the best squads in the world with a surprising win against Roma.  With a lack of a consistent scorer, the road to the Champions League final will only get tougher for Milan this year.

Kaka and Real Madrid on the other hand have had an impressive start to the year despite losing a match to Sevilla a few weeks back.  Right now is when Kaka needs to step up and lead this team to victory and what time would be a better time to start then now?  Cristiano Ronaldo is out for a month and Madrid needs a guy to fill that void.  Last week it was Raul who scored two goals in their 4-2 win over La Liga squad Valladolid, but today against his old friends Kaka needs to be the man.