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Kaka Still Best Player In The World

I know that that is a very bold statement but here’s why I think Kaka is still the best. First of, all as a Milan fan, I felt bad that we had to sell our star player just because the club was experiencing serious debts. In my opinion, that should have never been a reason.

I think Mr. Berlusconi is now starting to see just how vital Kaka was to the squad. We all know that he had expressed his desire of finishing his career at Milan and that he still had more goals to score. What is even worse is that Milan has not found a replacement. Only two signings in the close season and they expect to snatch the scudetto from Inter?

Kaka’s style of play is both mature and skilled. He uses his head not his feelings while on the pitch. He understands that he is part of a team and that the team comes first and not his ambitions. That’s why even though he has not begun scoring goals; he does not feel intimidated by Ronaldo’s recent scoring form.

Aeschylus once said “Few men have the strength to honor a friend’s success without envy.” Well, Kaka is one of those players. That quality alone distinguishes him from the rest. Nowadays, it’s common to see players perform badly for their national side but impeccably during regular club season.

Many analysts say that this is because of the huge amount of money they earn with their clubs. I believe this is true. However, consistency is key if any player aspires to reach legendary status. Kaka displays this quality. It does not matter whether he is representing club or country, what you can be sure of is he will give his best.

May be his character has to do with the fact that he is a devoted Christian. All I do know is that we can learn something from him. He is not perfect, but then again no one is. I believe these qualities are what make him the best player in the world.