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Kaka Faces Another Lengthy Lay Off

It seems like things are going from bad to worse for Real Madrid’s Brazilian play maker Kaka as he is in danger of missing at least two months of the new season after a series of tests confirmed some damage to his meniscus cartilage.

It is not known when or how Kaka sustained this injury, however, it is almost certain to have  occurred during the World Cup. This raises grave concerns for both the CBF and Real Madrid. If the injury did occur during the World Cup, then Madrid will want to know why immediate action was not taken to rectify the problem.

Kaka complained of discomfort in his knee during Madrid’s first training session in LA and tests carried out in UCLA confirmed the worst. The 28 year old is set to undergo surgery today on his left knee in Belgium.

As scary as it sounds, Kaka’s injury could be the beginning of the end of his career. The world’s second most expensive player has been relegated to a pale shadow of his former self and it pains his most ardent fans.

However, the extent of his injury will be known only during surgery. If the ligament surrounding his knee is also damaged then the he could be out for even longer than initially anticipated.

For a player who entertained fans the world over with his cool style of play and exceptional scoring abilities, this must definitely be one of the lowest points of his career. At only 28, Kaka’s move to Madrid from Milan seemed to have opened pandoras box. The former world Player of the year and Balon d’or winner has failed to replicate his form with the Spanish giants and it has led to speculations that he could leave Madrid this summer.

Mourinho has however come out in support of Kaka and rubbished the claims. Speaking to sports daily Marca, Mourinho was quoted as saying that Kaka is integral to Madrid’s success.

“He’s a very dear colleague and he is also very good, but we want a hundred percent for him to be happy and fit. If we lose him for a while, not a drama, we have other players,”he said. He also reiterated that Kaka is “one of the best players in the world.”

Photo credit: from throwinrocks!