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Kaka Doesn't Deserve Any Criticism

Singing The National Anthem

He just won a match for you and yet the fans are still mad at Kaka.  I’m not sure why but I think I have an answer–as ridiculous as it may sound.

He’s had to talk about this alot lately:

“I’ve spent many years in the world of football, but the worst is that they doubt my injury. I only ask that the fans don’t doubt my injury.

“I’ve felt very sad recently for the things that have been said about me. It’s not true that I refused to take medication, delaying my recovery, because I’ve taken medication to play in this game.”

“Also, it’s not true I was thinking of Brazil and the World Cup. Right now I’m focused on Madrid.”

“I’m much better, but I still have to continue working. I had 15 or 20 minutes (against Zaragoza) and little by little I’m improving my fitness. The most important thing of all though was the victory.”

Somehow, Cristiano Ronaldo has built a device that causes the fans of Real Madrid to hate Kaka and love him instead.  I can’t understand how this happened.  I never pegged Ronaldo for an evil genius, but there is no other explanation for this–unless the Real Madrid fan base is more “Cubs-like” and they don’t really care about Soccer and they just want to be entertained.

How can you be mad at a guy whose really hurt and not say a word to Ronaldo for being a selfish playboy who only plays for himself and has yet to do anything close to leadership this entire season?  Am I missing something?  Because, from where I’m standing, he‘s just out there doing his own thing while the rest of the team tries to run around him in a circle and hope for something to happen.

Please get your priorities straight in Madrid.  IF you want to hate someone–hate your non-leader.  Ronaldo.

Creative Commons License photo credit: !leahpar