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Kaka Claims Doctors "Exaggerated"

KakáKaka is currently recovering from knee surgery that was reportedly so significant that the injury was career threatening for the star. Well at least we thought so a week back.

This week Kaka is claiming that his surgeon glorified or “exaggerated” how serious of an injury the star had received and the Brazilian midfielder accused his doctor of “raising the alarm”:

Martens is a great professional but he raised the alarm, he exaggerated a lot. I played in pain in a lot of games, not just with the national team, but also with Real Madrid. And not just my knee, but other parts of my body, too.

It appears that Kaka was likely embarrassed that his doctor seemed to fault his national team for the injury. The doctor around a week back said that the midfielder was in agony in the last few World Cup matches and shouldn’t have been playing. He also suggested that the Spanish team was responsible for catching the injury and in the process of doing so may have saved the midfielders career.

Kaka obviously doesn’t agree with the diagnosis and doesn’t want to alarm people about any health issues down the road. The midfielder desires to be the best player in the world again and knows that such a serious injury would lower his overall value.

Kaka sets his sites on being the best in the world yet again and overcoming the injury setback:

I will be the best in the world again. Today it’s difficult to say this, but I think I’m going to be successful with Real Madrid. I had the operation to be No. 1 again.

And whether or not Kaka will fit into Jose Mourinho’s plans at Real Madrid is still open to debate considering the star will not get a chance to play until at least the second half of the season. But the whole Kaka VS his doctor thing is a bit silly and it kind of reminds me of an episode of Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Kaka is basically denying his doctor credit for supposedly saving his career, but admitting that he did at least help him out. It appears the midfielder is defensive because he wants to protect his national team and own image, but he should be grateful that he is on a fast track back to full health and in general worry less about who said what.

Creative Commons License photo credit: fortes