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Juventus Won’t Give Up On Krasic

The battle in getting Serbia’s winger Milos Krasic gets tougher for Juventus as the latest news stated that the likes of Inter Milan and Manchester City are also interested in acquiring the player’s signature, with the latter looks to be the toughest contender especially with their financial power. The Turin based club has actually made an offer earlier this month to CSKA but the Russian giant turned the Old Lady’s bid after discovering Inter and City’s interest.

CSKA reportedly has set a new price tag for their talisman, taking the previous 15 million Euro into 18 million which surely much more higher than Juve’s latest offer which reportedly only gets around 12 million Euro. However, the latest statement from FIFA agent Marko Naletilic, who represent Juve in dealing with the Russian giant, brought a little bit of fresh air for the Bianconeri fans as he is sure that Krasic would rather play in Turin rather than anywhere else.

“The argument is very simple. There is Manchester City who offer much more money than Juventus and CSKA would prefer to give him to the English club, but the player absolutely doesn’t want to go to England. He wants to move to Turin.” Naletilic stated.

However, although Naletilic insist that a player normally can’t be force to do things against his own will, the club still has the final decision on Krasic and the fact that CSKA are interested on City’s offer could be the main obstacle in signing the winger. We all know that there’s always a chance that players doesn’t have the privilege in playing at the club they wanted, the likes of Robinho and Edin Dzeko would be the latest example of how club still have the ability to decide everything as long as the player is still under contract.

A big task for Juventus indeed, but there’s also a slight hope for them if CSKA still hold Krasic after the world cup and the  the 25-years-old player fail to spark in the event, his price might just drop again. Should the Russian team decide to release the winger to other team, it won’t be a disaster for Juve as beside already signing Simone Pepe, reports also stated that the Turin based club have started the talk in getting Catania’s Jorge Martinez.