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Juventus Want Scudetti Returned

Juventus have reportedly requested that they would like their bling returned to them. Bling is of course a term used for shiny things of precious value and the Scudetto is certainly one of the most prestigious trophies an Italian football team can claim.

Juventus was stripped of two Scudetto titles in 2005 and 2006 due to the infamous 2006 Calciopoli match-fixing scandal. The club was relegated to Serie B due to their direct involvement in the incident and as a result lost several star players because of the relegation including Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Fabio Cannavaro, and Gianluca Zambrotta. The club quickly resurfaced back to Serie A after one season on the second tier, but now that they have paid their debt to society they desire both their trophies back.

Inter Milan is the current owner of the 2006 trophy following all the drama that unfolded that year with the match fixing scandal, but Inter was recently linked in a report to an alleged match fixing affair the same season and Juventus believes due to their own corruption charges they should no longer be able to hold onto the trophy.

President Andrea Agnelli addressed the situation at Juve’s annual general meeting:

We have requested the 2006 Scudetto to be revoked (from Inter) and we have had sufficient guarantees from the federation that we will shortly have an answer, which we await with confidence. We also have the case in the Naples court. If the correctness of the club’s actions in the relevant years is ascertained, we will be able to consider action aimed at reassigning the titles.

Inter has denied any illegal affairs took place, but Juventus believes that the involvement of Inter in the 2006 debacle should disallow the club from continuing to hold onto the trophy. It’s a valid point that Inter doesn’t deserve the honor if they were clearly caught breaking the rules too, but on the other hand how does this make Juventus any better in the situation?

Regardless Juventus broke the rules and should not be allowed to reclaim the title just because another team was caught cheating too.  If anything another team down the list that didn’t cheat should be given the honor, but certainly not the team that cheated the most. In fact let’s give it to Messina. They finished in 2oth place in 2006/2007 and only won 5 games all coming at home. I doubt they were paying off too many teams to win that season. Maybe taking money to lose, but probably not even necessary considering how terrible they were that year.