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Juventus To Sacrifice Iaquinta For Krasic?

Birthday of Champions!The deal between Juventus and CSKA Moskow regarding the Italian club’s attempt to sign Milos Krasic which seems to be over not long ago suddenly reappears again recently

The latest reports from Italy even claim that the talks from both club’s representatives is heading to a positive direction and that Krasic could very soon arrived in Turin, however there’s a rumor stating that the Bianconeri would need to sacrifice a player for that.

Speculation from the press suggested that the player that Juve could release in order to acquire, the Serbian winger’s signature is Italian international striker, Vincenzo Iaquinta, who is currently sidelined due to injury.

There are no official confirmation yet from the Bianconeri regarding this rumor and it’s still remain to see if there’s any truth behind the speculation on whether the Italian giant would really put Iaquinta as a bargaining chip to sign Krasic.

Despite there is no official statement from Juvetus’ representative on the Iaquinta issue, one thing for sure is that the Bianconeri will indeed sell one or two players before they purchase the Serbian winger. This information was revealed by the 25-years-old agent, Dejan Joksimovic, who is also very confident that the deal will be done in just a matter of time especially after the Italian giant completes their transfer issues.

“Juventus only have to resolve some questions linked to the sale of one or two players. They won’t be able to proceed with Krasic’s signing until that has been resolved,” Joksimovic stated to the press.

Krasic’s transfer saga has really been interesting act for many football fans as previously the player has been linked with almost all of the big and rich clubs in Europe such as Ac Milan, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Manchester City and off course Juve.

However, in the end it was only the Bianconeri and City who are serious enough to make an offer for the Serbian player, fortunately for the Turin giant, the winger has no interest in playing for the English club and prefer Juve instead.

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