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Juventus Targets Michel Bastos

Selebrate Juventus playersLyon director Bernarde Lacombe recently announced that Juventus was after one of the French side’s key players in winger/left back Michel Bastos of the Brazilian national team.  And just like how these transfers stories usually play out Lyon is extremely cautious about losing such a solid starter. Of course if the price is right though then anything is possible:  

Michel is a very important player for us, but our philosophy is that we always listen to someone who is interested in our players. It all depends on the offer.

And Juventus apparently has some available funds now that Christian Poulsen, Mauro Camoranesi, and Tiago Mendes have all been rumored to be sold away this off season.  And if the squad were to use the money on any one department right now I think it should be spent on a guy like Bastos considering the side’s poor defensive form last season. 

Landing a strong Brazilian defender/winger would be ideal because it would add considerable pace to a defense that looked sluggish and slow last season. But as Lacombe suggested their is a price for every player and often that price is more then just stacks of bills.  In fact often when you land a star player you must in return give away a great player. 

And when the Frenchman was asked if his Lyon side was interested in the acquisition of a forward like Vincenzo Iaquinta he said:

Why not? We’d have to evaluate the wage issue first, as we’re trying to lower our salary budget.

And although Juventus needs a defender or winger to replace Camoranesi giving up a forward of Iaquinta’s caliber sounds suspect considering Trezeguet is likely playing his last season in the Italian league and is eclipsing the dreaded football age of 35.  But Juventus does currently have ten forwards under contract and Iaquinta was fairly ineffective last season only managing to score six goals in Serie A play. 

But a deal between the two sides might be on the way soon.

  Creative Commons License photo credit: mitsurinho