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Juventus Start Season With Loss

For all the money Juventus  spent in the summer transfer window, you would not have been wrong to think that they would potentially be a serious challenger for the title this season. The Bianconeri bought some very talented players in the run up to their opening league fixture yesterday however, it all proved futile as they did not get the result they were seeking.

Yes, this might only be the first match of the season but you have to remember a first impression leaves lasting memories. It is not a coincidence that fellow big spenders Real Madrid also drew their opening match despite spending massively on players this summer. Manchester City did not fair well either losing 1-0 to Sunderland. There is a trend that has to be identified.

Both Juventus and Madrid may be  giants in the sport but their recent form leaves a lot to be desired. Again, it is such results that keep people talking especially the ones who have a problem with the money factor in the game nowadays.

It is not fair to judge a team on a one match performance and so Juventus, Real and Manchester City should be given the benefit of doubt. That said, the bad news does not stop there for Juve fans.

On Saturday, one of the club’s idolised players David Trezeguet ended his ten year association with the Turin giants. Trezeguet opted to cancel the final year of his contract with the Bianconeri for reasons that are not known however, it is believed that in light of the new signings, the Frenchman would fall down the pecking order thereby spending most of his time on the bench.

Juventus president was quick to praise Trezeguet for all his contributions and impact on the club.

“I’ve been, like all Juventus supporters, very fond of David and his 171 goals in 10 years,” Agnelli said. “A player with an average of 17 goals a season does not need any further comments.

“It’s been a real love affair, David will always be in the heart of all us Juventus supporters.”

Everything must come to an end for Trezeguet it was Saturday. The Frenchman is rumoured to be heading to Hercules in Spain however, West Ham and Birmingham are also in the race to sign him.

Photo Credit: from Juventus Calcio