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Juventus Seeking Credebility Before Scudetto or Champions League Spot

JuveAfter picking up an excellent victory against Ac Milan last month, many lauded Juventus as the main candidates for winning the Scudetto this season, but two consecutive draws they’ve got simply stalled their progress.

With questions regarding Juve’s title credentials being raised again, the club’s tactician, Antonio Conte, immediately stated to public that winning Scudetto or even reaching the Champions League zone isn’t actually the Bianconeri’s main concern for this season.

According to Conte what matters at the moment is getting the club’s credibility back on track after two disappointing seasons, which saw the Bianconeri finishing below the top five position in previous years. Because of that reason, Conte doesn’t want to promise anything for the fans at least not just yet since the competition is still at early stage and promising an important achievement in the end of season would give bigger pressure for Juve’s players.

The main objective for the campaign is to win back our credibility, especially in the eyes of our fans. Our League position is a secondary factor right now. It’s true that qualifying for the Champions League is important, but our target is to get back to being Juventus! You can’t forget the fact that this club has finished seventh over the last two seasons so we can’t make promises.It would be mad and stupid to create illusions for our fans,” Conte stated.

The coach obviously trying to keep his players’ concentration solely on facing each games at the time instead of thinking about challenging for title already, despite their success in beating one of the main Scudetto challengers, Milan. Conte is attempting to maintain the fans’ strong demands, which pretty much influenced some of the tactician changes that the Bianconeri did in the last two seasons after both coaches simply can’t reached their targets.

Meanwhile, aside from revealing his team’s real target, Conte also reveals the conditions about some of their players especially winger, Milos Krasic, who has been rumored to be leaving the club soon as the winger isn’t being used that much. According to the young tactician, Krasic is indeed facing some issues at the moment but the ex-CSKA Moskow man will not be sold as the club are working to fix the player’s problems. Furthermore, the former Siena tactician hopes that Juve’s fans keeps on supporting their players including Krasic and also others who have been receiving many critics such as Giorgio Chiellini.

Krasic is having difficulties right now, but we are working on him, psychologically too. As for Chiellini, I can’t doubt him as a player. I’ll always support him and Krasic and I hope the fans do too. We are building something here and the fans need to love our squad. They are two fundamental players for us, “ Conte added.


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