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Juventus Seeking Their 2006 Justice Via Court

JuveItalian Football Federation’s decision in letting Inter Milan keeping the controversial 2006 Scudetto keeps getting negative response from Juventus, who felt they’re being treated unfairly as the Turin giant are looking to continue their fight.

According the Bianconeri’s president, Andrea Agnelli, his club are preparing to bring the case in court even if it’s outside of the sport territory as it seems that the Zebra squad are very eager in getting the treatment they want.

“Back in 2006, we had a very quick sporting verdict,” Agnelli told the New York Times. I think it is important for every sports agency to remain within the sport jurisdiction. But the recent facts from the Federation brought out that other teams had carried out similar practices in those days.We have to make sure we have equal treatment for everybody, and if we cannot have equal treatment, we will look outside the sport for equal treatment,” Agnelli said.

This strong statement really indicates the Turin giant seriousness in stripping Inter from their paper title that year, which was given after Juventus and Ac Milan were convicted for Calciopoli, allowing the Nerazzurri acquiring the Scudetto despite finishing behind those two clubs. Juventus themselves went on dropping to Serie B after that decision and along with several other clubs had their images tarnished for quite a while because of the Calciopoli scandal.
However, after the discovery of several new proves indicating that Inter also have the similar kind of action in 2006, Juventus immediately asking for the same treatment being made by FIGC. Unfortunately, the latest decision goes against the Turin giant as although admitting that the Nerazzuri’s title should be canceled out, the Federation claimed they can’t do anything since the statute of limitations isn’t allowing them to strip the Nerazzurri’s 2006 Scudetto.
One thing for sure, the Turin giant seems really determined to get what they what, that it can be confirmed that they will not rest their case until the Bianconeri achieved their goals. Many experts actually believes that FIGC’s decision could actually turned into blunder as Juventus’ seriousness in getting something might get the case into many direction and inflicting on many things in the future


Creative Commons License photo credit: _bianconero