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Juventus Considers Spaletti To Replace Del Neri

[champions] Chelsea x Juventus : 21After Inter Milan and As Roma already made a significant changes in their coaching staff, reports strongly suggested that Juventus are looking to make the same move especially after the defeat they suffered against Lecce in the weekend.

Rumors in Italy speculated that Luciano Spaletti is a strong candidate to take Luigi Del Neri’s seat that is not secure after the defeat against the relegation battler last Sunday.

Spaletti, who is also a former Roma’s manager before being taken over by Claudio Ranieri, has been linked with several clubs in Serie A in the past two seasons and Juventus reportedly are already lining up the current Zenit St Petersburg coach for Del Neri’s successor. The later reportedly has already lost the trust of the club’s management despite acquiring a good result against Inter two weeks ago in Serie A.

Juventus’ inconsistency since the second part of the season reportedly already made the management felt restless as they suddenly have to re-evaluate the Bianconeri’s target from Scudetto challenger into merely a Champions League contender. Despite their ability to pick up good results against several big clubs, their poor performances against mid table and bottom table teams have cost the Old Lady dearly this season as they never really managed to compete with Ac Milan, Napoli and Inter at the top of the league.

Being given the target to challenge for Scudetto in the early part of the season, Del Neri, started the first half of the season in a pretty good way, but things turned bleak in the new year as the Bianconeri keeps on having inconsistent results. With the current conditions, its really difficult to hope that Juventus could get their act back and enter the Championship race especially if they can’t get a consistent results in the remaining 12 Serie A matches.

Surely it remain to be seen whether this rumors could come into reality considering the fact that so far Spaletti is doing a great job at his current club and hasn’t stated any intention of leaving Zenit. However, there’s no secret that coaching a big team like Juve is always being noted as a huge thing for Italian coaches, so should the Bianconeri can provide an interesting offer, the former Roma’s coach might definitely be interested.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Crystian Cruz