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Juventus Closing In On Giuseppe Rossi

juveJuventus’ search for world class striker seems getting set towards conclusion as reports from Italy suggested that the Italian giant are very close in wrapping a deal for Villareal’s Giuseppe Rossi.

The confirmation about the advanced talk between the Turin giants and the La Liga outfit was revealed by Rossi’s agent, Federico Pastorello, who stated that things are going in the right direction.

Although Pastorello confirmed the negotiation between Juventus and Villarreal is happening, but he can’t confirmed anything as just yet since there’s still matters to discussed notably regarding the fee required for the arrangement. It’s been well known that the Yellow Submarines are asking quite a lot of money for their star player and Juve obviously trying to reduce the price as much as they can considering the financial status of Italian clubs normally not as good as La Liga teams.

“Juventus and Villarreal are talking and that is absolutely a positive sign. We hope things can be concluded quickly, but it’s probably wise to not say too much right now,” Pastorello said. it’s clear that we are talking about an important player, but Juventus are pressing hard for Rossi and he’d be happy with such a possibility. “We’ll just wait and hope.”

Juventus’ decision to accelerate on getting Rossi apparently because their number one target, Sergio Aguero, seems to opted other choices rather than accepting the Bianconeri’s offer. This condition makes the Turin outfit seems eager to immediately search for an alternative with similar quality but certainly available and Rossi pretty much fit the profile since the Italian international is really eager in playing in Serie A again.


Creative Commons License photo credit: _bianconero