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Juventus Beat Milan To Mantain Lead In Serie A

I could say that Milan are normally slow starters to the league however, that would be turning a blind eye to the fact that Juventus and Napoli are the teams to beat this season.

So after collecting 5 points from from games this so far, Milan are in position 15 with city rivals Inter 2 places behind them in the relegation zone with 4 points. This latest loss raises some very deep concerns about the club in general.

First and foremost, why was Pirlo sold? And why does Seedorf have to start every game? If you are a Milanista, you have probably asked yourself this question countless times. The sad news is that you won’t get answers to those questions here.

It turns out that the player Milan were so quick to get rid of  was just going through a dark spell in his career and needed some time to get his form back. I remember watching the press conference where Pirlo told reporters of his shock at Milan’s decision to let him go.

By the look on his face, you could tell, just how disappointed he was. His voice was much lower than usual and his faced showed no expression of joy- a look that said this is the thanks i get for  serving the club for 10 years.

Pirlo remains one of the best attacking midfielders that the game has produced and maybe this loss can ringing in Allegri’s head that the title defense is not going to be any walkover.

Not even Boateng’s sending of can justify Milan’s performance. On the other hand, Juventus was superb and in the words of Ibrahimovic, ‘deserved the win’.

“It was a tough game, they were better than us,”

“We didn’t get our game together. Congratulations to them for a match well played.”

However, Ibrahimovic still remains confident saying that Milan are still improving and that they should not be written off.

“We’re as good as we were last season, that’s for sure, we just need to be patient. When we get our rhythm back, we’ll beat them all.”

Fans can only hope that they do improve quickly.

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