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Juve Promised World Class Forward’s Arrival

Having failed to grab European football ticket last summer pushed Juventus’ management into planning bigger investment in the upcoming season as apart from purchasing the whole rights from most of their co-owned players, the Bianconeri confirmed their intention in buying a world class personnel.

With their already heavy reinforcement so far, the position will be optimized is up front as according to the team’s chief, Beppe Marotta, a world class strikers are set to arrive in the summer.

Moreover, Marotta also hinted that the kind of strikers their after are those with the same quality as Sergio Aguero or Giussepe Rossi, opening the possibilities that one of them might actually the ones arriving. The chief acknowledged that after purchasing a quality player such as Andrea Pirlo in the midfield, their front line is currently the area the club’s still needs reinforcement.

We will sign a quality player in attack, a top striker. We already have a world class addition to our midfield with Andrea Pirlo. Both(Aguero and Rossi) are talented and capable of making the difference,” said Marotta.
“They do match up with the profile of the kind of player we are looking for.”

Already having several strikers on their ranks, another arrival of top class act would surely sent some of their current forwards packing their bags leaving Turin and so far the one that likeliest to flee is Carvalho Amauri, who got loaned out to Parma last January. Meanwhile, Alessandro Matri and Fabio Quagliarela are very likely to stay after Juventus already redeem half of those two strikers contract recently, a decision that is worthy enough since those players have been playing well last season with the Bianconeri.