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Juve Need Self-Esteem To End Bad Spell

[champions] Chelsea x Juventus : 12Just like last season, Juventus are currently going into crisis mode as not only that the Bianconeri haven’t managed to get a win on their last four matches in the League, but their ambition to play in the Champions League again next summer seems further.

Acknowledging the problem that his club is having, Gianlugi Buffon voiced out his opinion about the methods that the players must do to get themselves out of this mess.

Speaking in an interview with Turin local paper, Tuttosport, the Azzurri number one keeper revealed that aside from having some of their injured players back, the important thing for Juventus players at the moment is self-esteem. Buffon insisted that in order to regain ground in the league, the players must rediscover the beliefs that they are a quality players that are playing in a big club so they must be able to give great performances in every game.

It’s a moment of difficulty, like the one we went through last year.But now is not the moment to let yourself go and to breakdown. The fact is that important players were injured at the moment of our jump in quality, those who could have given us a change of pace,” Buffon stated. “More than anything else in order to get back to being great we need the security and conviction again that’s worthy of an important team who are first or better than first. What we need a lot is self-esteem.”

The keeper also added that he will try to play much better than his previous games and ensuring the fans that he won’t stop working to rediscover his usual consistent form that he got before suffering an injury in the first half of the season. Just like he said, Buffon’s performances this season hasn’t been up to his usual standard as he has made few costly errors for his club in several matches, albeit the Italian international still able to provide great saves at times although not in a consistent basis.

“My contribution can be consistent. I can have better performances like those that have earned me a place in the sun for many years and that’s what I want to keep doing for Juventus,” Buffon added.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Crystian Cruz