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Juve Fans Threatened Unwanted Players

Firenze sberleffa Don LucianoDespite being the most active serie A team in the transfer market so far, Juventus management’s work doesn’t seem to please their fans yet as the Bianconeri’s devotees reportedly still questioning the team’s inability to off load some of the unwanted players.

Juve’s fans who are being known for their harsh treatment on their team’s performance, players and managerial staff, reportedly have voiced out their anger towards some unwanted players who still refuses to leave their beloved team despite being transfer listed. This devotees were seen putting a banner at the Bianconeri’s training camp saying their rejection to those unwanted players, threatening to make things difficult for them.

“We will make those players who have to leave, but want to stay go through a year of hell.” The banner’s read.

According from the reports from Italian press, the players that were being targeted by the banner are the likes of Mauro Camoranesi, Fabio Grosso and Christian Poulsen, however there could possibly other players that the Ultras wanted out. Those three players have been offered to some clubs but they doesn’t have any intention to leave unless there is a good offer that comes in their way, this kind of attitude seems to be one that upset some of the Bianconeri’s fierce supporters.

With the Ultras already making their voice, it could pretty much makes the management’s plan to sell those three players gets easier as it would be disappointing for a player to play with an enormous pressure and hate from your own team’s devotees. However, in truth those three players mentioned above aren’t the only ones that Juventus are planning to ship out, there are more names left in the squad that pretty much halted the Italian giant’s movement in the transfer market.

This kind of treatment is actually a common thing done by the Turin based club’s fans as last season they also did the same thing to the players that they dislike such as Fabio Cannacaro and Felipe Melo. Not only that, the Bianconeri’s Ultras have also made an abuse towards players from other team, most notably is Inter Milan’s starlet Mario Balotelli, who has been a constant mocking target for those fans.

Creative Commons License photo credit: batrax