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Jozy Nets First La Liga Goal

On Sunday, Jozy Altidore subbed into the game into the 90th minute for Villarreal, and then promptly put the ball into the back of the net for his first goal on Spain’s biggest stage. Villarreal had already put the game away against Athletic Bilboa, but it was nice to see Jozy get a goal, even if it was mop up duty.

Jozy’s birthday is this Thursday. He’s turning 19. No, that’s not a typo. He just looks like a 25 year old.

He is a man-child, there’s no doubt about that. Come 2010, he will be 21 years old, and hopefully at the peak of his athletic potential. If he can figure out a way to play with Adu and Donovan, the US could have its best attack ever.

Well, it would have been nice to have Giuseppe Rossi in 2010 too, who could have played for the US, but instead decided to play for Italy. He notched Villarreal’s first goal during the same match Jozy scored, and this season he has become one of the most dangerous player in the Primera with three goals in five games. 

Who needs Rossi though. He’s too old. After all, he’s already 21. I like ’em young like Jozy. Wow, that all just sounds so wrong.

Happy birthday, Jozy. Let’s hope for US Soccer’s sake that Pellegrini gets you what you want as a present.

More playing time.