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Jovetic Rejects Barca to Stay in Fiorentina

Getting transferred to a big club doesn’t always be the ultimate choice for you talented footballers as many would still choose to play in a lesser team as long as they get regular playing time and one of that players are Fiorentina’s starlet, Stevan Jovetic. The young playmaker, who has been regarded as one of the emerging talents in today’s football world, has recently told the press that he would reject the chance to play for Barcelona and opted to stay in Firenze instead.

The 20-years-old player who has been linked with the Catalan club recently, stated that although Pep Guardiola’s side is a big and successful team, he feels that at the moment he needs more playing time more than anything that’s why he would rather stay in Fiorentina rather than moving somewhere else. The fact that he can play much more regular football with the Viola in a tough environment such as serie A would surely helps his development rather than sitting on the bench for most of the season because failing to compete with the likes of Lionel Messi, David Villa, Andres Iniesta, etc.

“Barca are the biggest club in the world, but they have a team that is already complete to which they have added David Villa. It would be difficult to play when I want to play. And I can do that here so I can improve even more,” Jovetic said to the press. “I’m absolutely pumped to be a regular in Serie A. I feel good and this confidence around me makes me feel good: I know that I must do everything better and this expectation fires me also because if something someone expects something of me it means something good and I can give it. “

Jovetic’s statement is surely something refreshing not only for Fiorentina but also serie A in general as the competition still need talented players like him to keep the league much more attractive and exciting. With many stars could be leaving the competition, a committed young talent is one of the aspect that can keep the Italian league alive and still attract many football fans in the future.

Not to mention with the poor economic condition that most Italian teams are having, the only appealing thing is having talented youngsters such as Jo-Jo or Pato showing their potential and grow into great players in serie A. Now, Fiorentina surely need to do their best in keeping their talented starlet in Firenze for at least few more seasons until he grows into an influential player that is ready to face bigger challenge.