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Jose Mourinho venting after Sevilla win

Although Real Madrid were able to find some luck against Sevilla walking out with the 1-0 win, Jose Moruinho has went on to state his feelings on other issues he feels the need to talk address.

After witnessing a total of 9 of his players being booked and his key-defender, Ricardo Carvalho, shown a red-card, Mourinho has went on to state that he wants the club to do more to defend his men.

Prior to the game, Mourinho went on to share a few words to the media about how he currently feels with the whole agenda and just how bad the officiating was in the game,

“There were 13 serious errors from the referee. If I talk about them, I won’t be at the next game. In the last press conference you asked me if I was tired. I don’t feel under pressure when I’m doing what I like, and I like to coach. I’m tired of this. My team deserves to be defended. If I say what I think, tomorrow I’m on the front pages and suspended. There is a club, with a structure, and I want them to defend my team, not only me. I want to talk with the president (Florentino Perez). I have a good personal relationship with the club, even though we think different things. Today I prefer to say that I have a fantastic team.”

You could definitely see the frustration in Mourinho as he feels that his club is not being treated fairly. However, despite missing some important players versus Sevilla, Mourinho was extremely satisfied with his team in puling out the win,

“My team’s character is out of this world. With important players missing, they’ve achieved what seemed impossible. Tonight’s victory will be very frustrating for those who wanted us to fall four or five points behind Barcelona. This makes us stronger. Everything was set up for us to drop points, but we didn’t.”

However, Moruinho still feels that the game played between both sides was extremely ugly and he himself wouldn’t have paid to this match, “There wasn’t any sort of game. It was too ugly. I wouldn’t have paid to see this game. At home I would have put on Eurosport to see a game from the Vietnam league.”

What did you think of Madrid’s performance? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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