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Jose Mourinho the Real Coach

Creative Commons License photo credit: hughelectronic

Coaches are not normal people.  Coaches get angry and do childish things.  Coaches wage war over games that children play.  And Jose Mourinho is no exception to the rule.

I’m not saying the man’s a nut or off his rocker or anything like that.  What I am saying is that coaches do not have to be loved in order to be good at their job.  In fact often it is better if they are not loved at all.  Take 90% of the coaches that ever won a Super Bowl in the NFL.  Not nice guys.  But good coaches.

And Jose Mourinho is a good coach.  The guy has won a championship in three different major leagues and he hasn’t experienced a non-championship season in a very long time.  In other words the guy knows how to win.

And recently Mourinho was slapped with a hefty fine for claiming that the league was trying to keep the championship run interesting by sending off two of his players in the Milan derby that his club won anyway 2-0.  Mourinho should know better then to make bold accusations like that.  Especially when his club is winning the league by such a comfortable margin.

But you can never predict the actions of a good coach.  In fact it is in their nature to remain unpredictable.  And Mourinho may not be around Serie A much longer, but despite what you think of the guy you must admit this.  He is a great coach.

Maybe not the nicest guy, but then again Fergie has been known to cry foul too.