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Jose Mourinho – The aftermath of the Barcelona defeat

On the weekend just past the Spanish daily newspaper, Marca, released what they claimed to be an exclusive. The newspapers football journalists had found out that Jose Mourinho, the Real Madrid coach, was dissatisfied with the level of hostility targeted in his direction and believing that his work was not recieving the plaudits he felt it welcomed he was going to leave his position at the end of the current season. Yes, Marca, the newspaper symbiotically connected with Real Madrid was claiming that the Real Madrid coach was on the way out.
When it comes to Real Madrid Marca rarely get it wrong. They exxagerate, the use revisionist history, they are bias, but they rarely concoct entire falsehoods from thin air. As far stretched as a story might be the paper, when it comes to Real Madrid, tends to have clout and its stories have substance. When the article was published nobody chose to question the journalist’s integrity and nobody considered it untrue. The only thing that was worthy of consideration was whether Jose Mourinho was sincere and determined in his resolution or whether it was merely a consideration.

Had Jose Mourinho already determined, whole heartedly, to quit Real Madrid or was he merely open to the idea? Then some analysts offered a synthesis of the two principle ideas. Perhaps Jose Mourinho was being pushed out by the directors. The board, those who run the club and insitution, were prepared to sacrifice Jose Mourinho and make him the scapegoat for the club’s failings, but they were prepared to do it on generous terms, allowing him to keep his reputation intact by providing him with the opportunity to quit. That way the directors could say that a new strategy was required and being taken – a new manager, and Jose Mourinho could say he just wanted a fresh start. The fans would have renewed hope that the team could challenge Barcelona, their eternal rivals, and the players, many of whom have supposedly clashed with Jose Mourinho, could start again too.
The movement against Jose Mourinho has gained tract in recent times. Recently, also in Marca, it was alleged that Sergio Ramos and Iker Casillas, two constants in the Spanish national team, had had a training ground bust up with Jose Mourinho. The Portuguese tactician wanted to know why Sergio Ramos had lost Carlos Puyol in the run up to Barcelona’s equaliser in the Spanish Copa del Rey first leg tie at the Santiago Bernabeu. Sergio Ramos responded sardonically, alleging that because Jose Mourinho had never been a top level player he was unaware of the nuances that go on on a football pitch. He said that sometimes a coach’s instructions are just not enforcable on the pitch and things need to be changed by those on the field. Bust up’s like this form just part of the backdrop. The pressure is building against Jose Mourinho and it merely adds credence to the claim that Jose Mourinho will be out of Real Madrid, and out of Spain, by the time the summer of 2012 comes around. If that happened what would next lie in store for the tactician? Perhaps a return to England or a debut move to Germany. Now that Real Madrid lost over two legs against Barcelona it means the pressue is even greater on the manager although he, and the fans and players, will take comfort from the fact that the match was so closely contested.