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Jose Mourinho plans on turning down Portugal

The Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) were hoping that Madrid boss, Jose Mourinho, would take over their National team during the Euro 2012 qualifiers in October, but this is unlikely to happen. With Mourinho’s focus being on Madrid’s season, he admitted that he will most likely turn down the opportunity  to take the temporary assignment for Portugal.

“If it were not for Real Madrid I would do it for free. But if you ask me right now if I can go, I think not. I have a contract with Real Madrid. I do not say no, but in the natural way of things, I do not think this is the time. Real Madrid have every right in the world to put an obstacle in the way. And if you put the slightest obstacle there, I can’t go. To say no to Portugal is impossible because of my personal pride and my passion for Portugal, but at the moment I cannot say yes.” Mourinho went on to say in a press conference.

Although the FPF president, Gilberto Madail, took a trip to visit Mourinho’s agent, Jorge Mendes, in regards to making a deal for the temporary services of Mourinho, the deal looks like it will not be falling through. Regardless of the fact that it is only 2 games, Mourinho continued to say that it’s highly unlikely that he will take the role.

“The FPF have not contacted Real and what the club knows is through me. Portugal wants me for those two games. They know I will not have any players to train, with the exception of three, during the international break, while if I went, I would be coaching three Real players in Cristiano Ronaldo, Pepe and Carvalho. They thought that Real would not lose out with my absence and that is why they want me for the national team. If I was a free agent, I would go tomorrow but I’m at Real and I cannot say yes because my duty is with them, but neither can I say openly no because that would be impossible.”

Think Jose Mourinho should take over Portugal for those 2 games or stay with Madrid? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.