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Jose Mourinho not concerned about ‘El Clasico’ showdown being played on Monday evening

With some people complaining about El Clasico show down having to be played on Monday evening,  Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho feels that the scheduling of the upcoming game is of little concern to him and doesn’t really care  when they play La Liga champions, Barcelona.

Although some of the players from each club having expressed their concerns for having to play this game right after the weekend, some people are starting to feel that ‘El Classico’ showdown will lose some of its ‘Importance’ by the match having to be played on a Monday evening.

However, the Portuguese coach has gone on to say that “I [Mourinho] knew this would happen long ago, but I do not care.” Although some people may feel different from him, this didn’t stop Mourinho from going on to say the following to Cadena SER:

“I knew this would happen long ago, but I do not care. I know because I know who controls the game, and if you look at their statements, then you understand why they have made this decision. I worry about playing on a Saturday night at 22:00 then on a Tuesday in the Champions League. Barcelona [does] not want to play on the Saturday because they play on the Wednesday before, and because of this we need to play on a Monday.”

Aside from talking about the schedule, Mourinho also went on to add how he enjoyed his time at Barcelona and does not have any ‘Bad-blood’ with Barca coach, Pep Guardiola.

“In my time at Barcelona, I had a good relationship with him. I have only good memories. I have no problem coaching against him, because even though he is my rival we have a relationship that could not be better. If I were Barcelona’s president, I would give him a contract for 50 years. He is the ideal coach for Barcelona.”

Upset that the match will be taking place on a Monday evening? Think Mourinho has a point when talking about the scheduling of the games? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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