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Jose Mourinho Is Not Harry Potter

283/365 - expecto patronum!Jose Mourinho has warned Real Madrid fans that he is “no Harry Potter” following Los Blancos frustrating draw in their debut match against Mallorca last week. The Special One stressed the club’s need to work hard and remain patient in order to have success down the road.

And Jose Mourinho might not be Harry Potter, but in the game of quidditch could you think of any other man you would rather have as your coach? Mourinho is simply saying that he is not magical and that he can not make trophies appear with the mere waive of a wand. But after one week this is certainly not want Real Madrid fans want to hear from their famous coach and Mourinho obviously didn’t make the move from treble winning Inter Milan to trophy-starved Real Madrid just to settle for draws against teams that will most likely miss out on the top four this season.

Mourinho knows that despite admitting this that he is still expected to win trophies immediately. After all look at the guys recent track record of success. But Mourinho did stress the importance to improve over the course of the season and did suggest that his side will likely have what it takes to finish strongly. “It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish…the first games are always very strange” said the often outspoken coach. And considering the fact that he is claiming not to be a magical little English boy that rides around on broom handles fighting gigantic snakes and evil wizards, I would say that the comparison is a bit strange for Mourinho to make to Potter.

Because after all we all know that Mourinho really is magical. And expect the wizardly coach to waive his wand and make trophies appear out of thin air sometime soon in Madrid.

Or else the Special One better hurry and go find his invisibility cloak and scamper back to England.



Creative Commons License photo credit: B Rosen