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Jose Moruinho admits his players aretired but impressed with what he is seeing

Real Madrid coach, Jose Mourinho, has admitted that his players are tired after the number of games that were packed into their schedule. Although it didn’t slow them down against Espanyol, Mourinho has went on to say that his players are in need of some rest.

After having defeated Espanyol 3-0, Mourinho went on to share a few things on Real Madrid’s official web-site. Although Los Blancos do have a number of players that Mourinho could rotate, Mourinho feels that they are not constructed enough to do this yet.

Mourinho went on to say the following:

“The team is tired because it still isn’t a proper team and the coach doesn’t use rotations. I usually rotate four or five players successfully once my teams are constructed after years of work. I will do this with Real Madrid whenever I feel the team is in a different stage of construction. We will be at a different level in February if we reach the next round in the Champions League. I will use rotations then. I prefer not to use them for now.”

Although Mourinho still needs some time to find a rotation that works, he was impressed with what he saw during the match with Espanyol. Mourinho continued with the following:

“We played well with [Sami] Khedira and [Alvaro] Arbeloa because the team was tighter. Our three central midfielders made us solid and we began to put more pressure, to make easier steals and to keep more possession in attack while our forwards had their backs covered. Balance comes from playing and thinking at the same time. We found balance right at the end, when the pitch grew larger because the game lacked two players but it was really smaller because our side was tighter. I hesitated at first to make two substitutions after Espanyol were left with ten men, but I had already made my mind up and my team needed to be tighter. We controlled the game better from then on.”

There was no question that Los Blancos looked much better against Espanyol. Having won the game 3-0, Madrid’s defense is continuing to stay strong. Although their attacking may need a little bit more work, once Mourinho can find the right structure, Madrid will have a good chance in regaining their title from Barcelona.

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