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Jordan Henderson linked with Manchester United

Jordan Henderson has been making big waves in English football recently. He has been a promising young player for quite a while, well renowned in football scouting circles, but recently he has started to capture the attention of ordinary football fans. The talented young player has been linked with a big money move away from the club situated in the North East of England but as of yet nothing has materialised. It appears unlikely that Sunderland, or their manager Steve Bruce, would entertain selling the player any time soon unless the money offered as a transfer fee is especially large.

Manchester United, however, have regularly been linked with the young midfielder recently and are equipped to make a large purchase as it is well known that the club has huge cash reserves. More pertinently the club has seemingly acknowledged that there is a need for it to make some significant transfer signings, in order to appease some of the other players in the squad, like Wayne Rooney, and for the benefit of the fans who enjoy the furore surrounding their club, and the anticipation surrounding the player, when they make a large transfer signing.

Knowing that Manchester United are likely to make a large transfer signing soon, perhaps in January but the chances are more likely that it will be in the summer transfer window of 2011, makes the stories appearing, about Jordan Henderson’s proposed move to Manchester United, all the more realistic. The fact that the Sunderland manager is an ex Manchester United player is also likely to benefit Sir Alex Ferguson’s club, Manchester United, in their efforts to sign the player. Steve Bruce, the Sunderland manager, is fondly remembered at Old Trafford, considered by the majority as a hero, and himself speaks commendably about his former club.

Steve Bruce has often also been linked with the position of Manchester United manager post Sir Alex Ferguson, when the topic arises. Steve Bruce would likely suggest, if Jordan Henderson were adamant he wanted to leave, that Manchester United would be an ideal destination and would be mutually beneficial, helping Henderson to develop as a player and ensuring Manchester United remain competitive thanks to having quality players in their squad. Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea have all also been linked with the young midfielder.