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Johannesburg’s Magnificent Soccer City Stadium

The World Cup’s opening and closing matches will be played in Johannesburg’s Soccer City stadium which according to FIFA President Sepp Blatter is “one of the best” in the world. I am sure that just like me, many of you had your reservations about the completion of the stadium however you don’t have to worry anymore because after his inspection of the stadium yesterday morning, Mr. Blatter gave the 91,000  seater stadium the green light to open and end the biggest sporting event in the world.

Soccer City resembles an African calabash and with its multi-coloured patches on its entire surface, you would be forgiven if you though it had not been completed.

Mr. Blatter could not hide his joy during the ceremony yesterday.

“Yes this is a FIFA World Cup, but the people who have done the homework and the hard work are South Africans. We would therefore want to express thanks to them. What will happen at this stadium is part of history – you will have eight games played by some of the best teams. Some of the best players in the world are going to play in this venue. Now that the stadiums are ready, the whole world will now focus on South Africa. The world is now going through emotions, waiting for the games to begin”.

One thing is definitely certain, history will be made in 8 days time and i can’t wait to be part of it.

Photo credit: from BamNederland